While my therapeutic approach is in Psychosynthesis I take an integrative approach with my clients and my work embodies some Gestalt, Jungian and Psychoanalytic theories. I work very much with my clients to build a bridge between what has happened in their history, to how they would like their lives to be, while holding an awareness and working with where they are at this current moment.

Psychosynthesis was conceived by Roberto Assagioli. Viewed as a transpersonal psychology by many, its gift is to explore how an individual can hold the difficulties encountered with everyday life at the same time as living with purpose, meaning and creativity through psychological and spiritual growth. Psychosynthesis has often been described as a psychology of the soul.

How I work with Psychosynthesis: Through our therapy I endeavour to synthesise pathology and potential, while allowing one to be aware of and accepting oneself and one's patterns on a personality level and at a deeper spiritual and holistic level. 


I work with: abuse; addiction; anger; anxiety; cultural issues; dependency; depression; family issues; food issues; grief; illness; isolation; loss; panic attacks; rejection; relationship issues; self-confidence; self-esteem; sexuality; stress; suicide; trauma.